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Rizieri Bacarelli, grandfather of the current head of the firm, Riccardo Bacarelli, first obtained his license to launch his gallery, Antichita Bacarelli, in 1923. In 1947 following the death of Rizieri, his young son Benvenuto took control of the firm. This began the rapid rise of the fortunes of the gallery, followed by the continual participation since 1961 in all of the editions of the Florentine Biennale. In addition to participating in every Biennale, Benvenuto was a member of the Collegio di Consulenza of the fair from 1975 to 1987. The gallery, now directed by Benvenuto's son Riccardo, offers a wide selection of furniture, objects of art, sculpture and paintings which span the period from the Renaissance to the end of the eighteenth century and the beginning of the nineteenth. However, the main specialty of the gallery is in sculpture and painting. These are the areas that Riccardo Bacarelli has spent his life studying. The recently renovated gallery is situated in the heart of Florence at Via dei Fossi, 45r. The firm counts as its clients numerous important public institutions as well as the Italian Fine Arts Commission not to mention numerous banking institutions and private collectors throughout the world. The gallery also does valuations and can arrange for written expertises.
Riccardo Bacarelli, aside from being a long-standing member of the Italian Antique Dealers Association, is one of the members of the directive committee of the Associazione Antiquari Fiorentini. Antichità Bacarelli participates in the most important antique fairs in Italy and has recently expanded its operations by opening a new gallery space in London.



Conceived by Franco Botticelli's passion and enterprising spirit, the Botticelli Art Gallery first opened in Florence in 1961. Franco was an artist-collector who turned into an innovative antique dealer.
The store was located at 40/r Via Maggio, run by Franco and his wife Veria until 1994. At Franco's premature passing, his sons Eleonora and Bruno, who represent the second generation, succeeded to the parents and continued specializing in sculpture and "alta epoca" furniture.

The gallery has since moved to 39/r Via Maggio. Bruno and Eleonora broadened their field of knowledge, using their passion for the rare and uncommon, a thorough search of quality and careful attention to the background of their objects . They have brought to the gallery from Wunderkammer objects to ancient fabrics and primitive paintings.

Since the first editions of the Florence Biennale dell'Antiquariato , the Botticelli Art Gallery has shown a distinctive open approach to modern and contemporary art, thanks to Franco's in depth knowledge of Tuscan art of the '900. Eleonora and Bruno foster continuity in this open attitude often staging young contemporary artists, in a constant search of effective connections between the antique and the new.

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